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This website provides free online tuition of Persian language (Farsi).


For beginners:

Learn to read and write Farsi here.

If you have little or no knowledge about reading or writing Persian, take this starter course so you can make use of the other contents of this website. You will also be able to use Persian-English or English-Persian dictionaries. The reading lessons are designed to help everyone including those with no background about Farsi.


N.B. The words Persian and Farsi are used interchangeably throughout this website.





Latest FARSI tutorials:

(B): beginners, (I): intermediate, (A): advanced


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Months of the year in Persian (B)


The Persian coffeehouse (B)


Count in Persian (B)


Days of the week (B)


Yesterday, today, tomorrow, ..., (B)


Study subjects (B)


Common fruits (B)


Personal Pronouns (I, You, He/She, We, You, They)


Colors (B)


Apple announces ultra-thin laptop: news translated in Persian. (A)


Vocabulary puzzle (I)


Basic Persian greetings (B)


A simple Persian conversation - saying hi and goodbye (B)







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